A KInder Society aims to bring professionals and members of the public together, to raise the profile and need for kindness and compassion at all levels of society across Ireland and the UK - individually, within organisations and businesses, at community level, and in terms of the environment. This social development group aims to draw on a range of perspectives and ideas to offer (and evaluate) real-world  initiatives and solutions towards greater kindness and compassion.  These solutions or supports include:

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Negative states such as anger, bitterness and hatred cannot survive In communities when confronted with thoughts or acts of kindness and compassion. Kindness then can attract new opportunities, and new ways of thinking and being. For instance, through the lens of kindness and compassion, people see people, not labels.

Kindness within communities

   A culture of compassion and kindness within organisations can reduce stress and absenteeism, and enable staff to be happier, healthier, more motivated and more productive. Also, people typically prefer to work with someone they like and trust, which means organisations (and schools) encouraging every day acts of kindness and compassion are more likely than others to thrive and do well.

Kindness and compassion at work

Kindness through self-compassion

    Compassion is crucial for health and happiness, and those practicing kindness and self-compassion gain many benefits - more fulfilling lives and relationships; relief from stress, anxiety and low mood; deep feelings of self-worth; greater life satisfaction, happiness and purpose in life; better health and even increased longevity. These benefits are available to all- see www.TheICanCentre.com



If you are going to doubt something, doubt your limits (not your abilities)!